Covers 600 Square Feet

Each bottle of 5-Minute Fence Stain attaches directly to your garden hose and covers 600 square feet. That is 100 feet of 6 foot tall fence. Can be applied to any type of wood.

Apply to New or Old Wood

Renovate an old fence or apply to your new fence. Even looks great on pressure treated wood.

Stain and Protect in One Easy Step

5-Minute Fence Stain will stain, seal and protect in one easy step. Provides total rain and sun protection with just one coat.

No Masking

Clean-up is a breeze. Switch the sprayer to the water setting and rinse the over-spray as you go. Nothing is easier.

No Brushes, Rollers, or Sprayers Needed

Throw away your paint supplies. No brushes, buckets, rollers, or paint sprayers needed, just your own garden hose.

5 Year Warranty

Precision Paint LLC will replace or refund your original purchase price if this stain cracks, peels, blisters or promotes mildew growth when applied according to label.

3 Easy Steps

  1. Attach sprayer to garden hose.

2. Set the sprayer to “Stain”.

3. Set the sprayer to “Water”, rinse over-spray.